The Interns



Intern NEG

Nikki Elizabeth is a twenty-two year old English: Creative Writing major.  Writing is her passion.
Nikki writes from the heart, shutting down her conscious while she stares at a blank Microsoft Word document
or piece of parchment. She is primarily a fiction writer.
The one thing Nikki has learned throughout her undergraduate years is to just write. And write a lot.
Nikki is a complete bibliophile who loves the smell of new books, the feel of old ones, and handwritten messages hidden between the pages of those old books. She enjoys the sizzle of Cherry Pepsi, the smell of autumn, and the taste of British chocolate. Correct grammar and a gift card to a bookstore swells Nikki with bliss. An Irish gal residing in the concrete jungle of New York City, there are times Nikki feels she was born in the wrong nation; she should be in England. A diehard Anglophile, Nikki is completely enamored with the Tudor and Victorian era. She is also a diehard Harry Potter fan (and quite proud, may I add). She credits J.K. Rowling as her inspiration to become a writer.

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Intern Megan

Megan is a Wisconsin native triple threat:
she can dance (she has one move), she can sing (off key), and she can choose the right Instagram filter
Megan’s a film major at Minnesota State University Moorhead who is currently in NYC for her spring semester to intern at Gotham Writers’. When she isn’t interning, she likes to spend her free time like everyone else… by walking around the city, pretending to be Meg Ryan in three of the best Nora Ephron films.

You can read this strange Midwesterner’s blog posts at Midwestern in Manhattan.


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